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Introduction à la vie Française
Bienvenue en France!  What better way to learn about the ways of the French, then to be immersed in the French culture and language.  Each “class” period will focus on a different part of French life.  Starting with the first week, when the French celebrate the Feast of the three Kings, our group will learn about the special day French children celebrate while learning to count… Throughout the following weeks, we will start to learn how to navigate the French language beginning with colors and numbers… We will experience cooking and painting and music, and the forest, while we learn about French artists, and monuments and we’ll build our vocabulary as we travel around our own little world of OES.  

Instructor Tricia Sipowicz received her BA in International Relations from Pomona College, where her selected language for fluency was French.  During that time, she spent a semester studying at the Université de Paris, Sorbonne.  Prior to living in Portland, Tricia and her family spent two years in Belgium where she took continuing education classes under the direction of the Belgian government.  Tricia continues to share her love of France with her family and her extended “French” family, hosting native French speakers in the summer or during the school year.  Tricia and her husband, Steve, are the parents of two OESians (Matthew ’15 and Anna ’18).

PreK - 1st Grade
Mondays, 3:00-4:30
Spring: April 3 - June 12
Location: US Room 59

Min/Max Student Enrollment: 5/10 
Cost: $175

MANDARIN CHINESE: Beginning- Intermediate

Learn how to write and speak Mandarin in this hands-on class where the emphasis is on fun and children are truly engaged! Both verbal and written Mandarin will be taught to students, through a variety of techniques. Unsure of which level your child belongs in? Marian can evaluate them at the first class and make recommendations.             

Instructor Marian Peng earned her MA in Educational Administration from Texas Tech University and her BA in Public Administration from Chung-Hsing University. She has subbed for OES the past six years and has taught Mandarin to all ages for the past twenty years. She is offering the following two classes, along with private lessons.

Beginning Mandarin 

Beginning students will enjoy music and dance and have fun matching picture and word cards. They will feel, hear, observe and touch vocabulary and ideas. They will learn Mandarin numbers, colors, objects, animals, fruits, five senses (organs) and will be able to engage in simple dialogues by the end of this class.                                                                                                           

PreK-2nd Grade
Tuesdays, 3:00-4:30
Spring: April 4 - June 13
Location: US Room 59

Min/Max Student Enrollment: 5/10 
Cost: $175

Intermediate Mandarin

Intermediate students need some previous experience with Mandarin.  Language and culture will both be introduced, and the focus will be on orally understanding, speaking, and character recognition. Children will be introduced or strengthened in their knowledge of the Chinese language. Teaching will be through immersion. Children will be introduced or strengthened in their knowledge of the Chinese language.  

Primary-5th Grade
Thursdays, 3:00-4:30
Spring: April 6 - June 15
Location: US Room 59

Min/Max Student Enrollment: 5/10 
Cost: $175


Get one on one coaching from a native speaker with over twenty years of teaching experience! 
April - June
Available times: Tuesday (4:30-5:00), Wednesday (3:00-5:00), Thursday (4:30-5:00) or Friday (3:00-5:00) 
Location: Varies, 

Please contact Marian directly if interested. 

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For private music lessons, please sign and return the policy statement for private lessons.

For more information on the music program, please contact Nancy Teskey by email or at 503-416-9284.

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