Athletics FAQ

Size of Athletic Program at OES

Q: How many teams does OES field during a year?

A: OES fields 53+ teams, typically closer to 60. 

No Cut Policy

Q: What is the philosophy behind the no-cut policy at OES?

A: Athletics offers all students the opportunity to participate on a team and in meaningful physical activity. The program promotes the health and safety of the participants and provides opportunity for growth through individual and team participation. OES emphasizes positive group involvement, fun, good sportsmanship, and respect for reasonable authority, fellow team members, and opponents. OES operates on a no-cut policy — there is a team for every level of experience and skill. Any student choosing to participate will have the opportunity to be on a team and play in the games. 

General Information about OES Athletics

Q: Where can I get information about OES Athletics?

A: The best resource is this website.

Q: Who can I contact if I am not finding information I need to support my child’s athletic involvement?

A:  For OES athletics contact Dennis Sullivan or Missy Smith.  For questions about athletics in either Middle or Upper School contact Jill Parker, the Administrative Assistant for the Athletic Dept. 

Coach – Parent Communication

Q: What can I expect from my child’s coach?

A: At a minimum, you should expect to receive an email at the start of the season that introduces your coach and sets expectations for the season.

Q: How can I contact my child's coach?

A:  Contact information for all coaches for every team is listed on the OES website under Athletics. Just click on US or MS sports, then your child's team, then on coach info.


Q: How can we expect to find out about getting the team uniform?

A: The coaches will hand out uniforms a day or two in advance of the first contest. Students need to return all pieces of the uniform (usually a home and away jersey and shorts) to the coach at the end of the season. 

Team Schedules

Q: How can I get the most up-to-date schedules?

A: The most updated schedules are on the OES Athletics webpage.  It is advised that parents check often as changes do occur.

Q:  How do I know what time my child's team will return to OES to be picked up from an away game?

A:  Also on the Athletics page of the school website is information about the time your child's team will leave and return to OES. Just click on their specific team for details. 

Alert System / Changes to Athletic Schedules

Q: What is the Alert System and how do I sign up to receive these alerts?

A: The alert system is a feature built into the Athletics pages of the OES website. It automatically emails you about any changes to your child's game schedule. You sign up to receive these alerts on your child's team's web page.

Q: Will the Athletics schedule change during the season? How will I find out if this occurs?

A: It is possible. The quickest way to receive notification of a change is to sign up to receive emails from the alert system for your child's team. Schedule changes do happen, sometimes with little notice. Most updates will be shared by the Team Parent, but some coaches may contact parents and players directly. This is a topic each coach should cover in her or her introductory communication at the start of the season.  

Driving Directions to Games

Q: Where can I find directions to the competitions for a given sport?

A: Most venues are listed with the events on the OES website. Event listings feature detailed information about the event, as well as a link to directions.

Student Travel to or from an Away Game, not on the Team Bus

Q:  Can my child ride home from an away game with another student or parent?

A:  Yes. However, the coach would need communication from both the parent of the student giving the ride and the parent of the student receiving the ride

Q:  Can my student drive him or herself to a game?

A:  Only if they get clearance from the Athletic Director to do so.  We want athletes to travel with their teams but in some circumstances this request may be granted.

Athletic Trainer

Q: Does OES have a trainer that supports the athletes?

A: Yes. Joel Gray is state registered athletic trainer who assists students in staying safe and healthy while enjoying competitive sports. He is also available to assess and support athletes, as needed. His office is in the main gym across the hallway from the weight room. He can be reached by email.

End of Season Wrap-Up

Q: Will every team have an end-of-season celebration?

A: This decision is at the discretion of the coach and may be influenced by several factors including: schedule – finding a time post-season when players and the coach can gather; resources – whether there is a Team Parent or other individual willing/able to support the gathering; and athlete interest – this may not be something the athletes feel is important/necessary.

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