Winterim POlicies

  • Leaders may indicate an enrollment priority: i.e: gender equity, balanced among the four grades, preference for upperclassmen, etc.
  • For trips, priority will go to a student who has never been on a Winterim trip or who has been on fewer trips.
  • In general, priority will be given to students in higher grade levels, but strength of application (when an application is requested) and group chemistry will also be strongly considered.
  • When all other factors are equal, students will be chosen by lottery.
  • In the rare case that a student does not get one of his/her five Winterim choices, the student will be offered a choice from the remaining available courses.
  • Any student who registers late loses all priority.
  • A note about trips: Travel is a privilege and a responsibility. Social, academic, financial, and behavioral infractions of any sort may make a student ineligible for participation in or cause removal from a trip.  Travel also requires resilience. Some of the students’ experiences may be emotionally challenging and they may at times feel physically uncomfortable due to the inherent challenges of travel and climate. For these reasons, trip participants should be in good psychological and physical condition. In the case of concerns about a student’s psychological or physical ability to participate in a specific trip, OES will review the situation with the student, parents, guardians, and medical professionals, as appropriate. Confidential health information is protected information, but as needed, relevant information known to OES will be shared with trip leaders in order to keep all travelers safe and to make trips a positive experience for everyone.
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