Our alumni volunteers play a critical role in connecting alumni to one another and back to the school. All alumni from St. Helen's Hall, Bishop Dagwell Hall, and Oregon Episcopal School are encouraged to become volunteers. To get started, fill out this interest form or contact our office.

This alumni leadership body works closely with the Alumni Office to ensure communications and programing reflect the OES experience and meet the needs and expectations of our alumni. 

2016-17 Alumni Council
President: Laura Axon '86
Vice President: Ben Chessar '95
Dan Drinkward '95
Katherine Karafotias '66
Chuck Reynolds '69
Annie Warner '97
Kirsten Midura '04
Hedy Frye Donnelly '97 

Senior Class Alumni Representatives--Ex-Officio
Steven Cockey '16
Naomi Zhao '16
Mark Fernandez '16
Grace Helen McGee '16 

Each graduating class is served by up to four volunteer class reps. Reps help keep classes connected, share exciting school news and events, and are a primary touch point for the Alumni Office in connection to milestone reunions.

2016: Mark Fernandez, Grace Helen McGee, Steven Cockey, Naomi Zhao
2015: Gabe Smith-Rogers, Meredith Loy, Yunnie Lim, Nut Cheepsongsuk
2014: Abbie Daigle, Harper Hayes
2013: Hannah Tooley, Anna Blake, Patrick M. King
2012: Aashna Tiruvallur, Nicole Inskeep, Abigail Therrow
2011: Laurie Rumker, Austin Page, Anshu Tirumali, Austen Yeager
2010: Harris Inskeep-Rosenfeld, Annelise Friar, Leah Metcalf

2009: Brady Haugh, Madeline Duthie Apple, Charlotte Lee
2008: Christopher Chapman, Natasha Michalowsky
2007: Anne Reeves, Lauren Eyler, Elizabeth Cooper
2006: Jennifer Wolochow
2005: Molly Black, Tiiu Magi, Bill Thanhouser
2004: Kirsten Midura
2003: Ashley Morganstern
2002: Lori Lopez
2001: Margot Feves
2000: Contact to volunteer as a class rep.

1998: John Waskey, Amy Jacobsen
1997: Jonathan Kowolik
1995: Kelly Rossi
1994: Eric Gebbie
1992: Courtney Brown, Tara Witt
1990: Kathryn Rebagliati
1991, 1993, 1996, 1999:  Contact to volunteer as a class rep.

1989: Daniela Brod
1987: Theresa Webster
1986: Elizabeth Highet
1984: Scott Doenecke
1980: Carrie Cool
1981, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1988: Contact to volunteer as a class rep.

1979: Katharine Sammons
1978: Allison Roberts
1977: Neena Nuhring
1976: Jyrki Koskinen
1970: Toni Webb
1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975: Contact to volunteer as a class rep.

1966: Katherine Karafotias
1965: Ellen Guest
1964: Julie Harriman
1963: Joanne Dobson
1960: Julie Penge, Judy Kauffman
1961, 1962, 1967, 1968, 1969: Contact to volunteer as a class rep.

1956: Nancy Brasmer
1957, 1958, 1959: Contact to volunteer as a class rep. 


  • Regional Reps: Consider spearheading a local alumni gathering in your area. We are actively seeking volunteers from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and Washington, DC. 
  • International Reps: Consider joining our alumni groups in South Korea (Representative is Sangyoon Lee '05), Japan (Representatives are Ryoji Matsuzaki '06 and Saya Goto '05), or start your own group in your region. 
  • Reunion Committees: Many hands make light work. Join with classmates to help make your reunion an event to remember. 
  • 2016 Reunion Years

          2015 (1-year)
          Reunion Date: June 10, 2016
          Contact: Alumni Office,

          2011 (5-year)
          Reunion Date: TBD
          Contacts: Young-Eun Choi,;
                           Ellie McQueston, 

          2006 (10-year)
          Reunion Date: June 18, 2016
          Contact: Jennifer Wolochow,

          2001 (15-year)
          Reunion Date: TBD
          Contact: Margot Feves, 

          1996 (20-year)
          Reunion Date: TBD
          Contact: Contact us to help plan your reunion! 

          1991 (25-year)          
          Reunion Date: TBD
          Contacts: Sarah Raymond,
                          Adam Kobos,

          1986 (30-year)
          Reunion Date: Saturday, June 4, 7:00 pm.
          Contact: Laura Cook Axon,

          1981 (35-year)
          Reunion Date: Saturday, June 4
          Contact: Drue Fergison,

          1976 (40-year)
          Reunion Date: Saturday, June 23, 12:00 pm
          Contacts: Perri Combs-Taber,;
                           Janelle Jimerson,

          1971 (45-year)
          Reunion Date: TBD
          Contact: Contact us to help plan your reunion!

          1966 (50-year)
          Reunion Dates: June 17-19, 2016
          Contact: Katherine Karafotias,

  • 2017 Reunion Years: 
    -2012 (5-year)
    -2007 (10-year)
    -2002 (15-year)
    -1997 (20-year)
    -1992 (25-year)
    -1987 (30-year)
    -1982 (35-year)
    -1977 (40-year) 
    -1972 (45-year) 
    -1967 (50-year)
  • Service Projects: Support our commitment to give back to the community on Mt. Hood Climb Service Day by joining OES at that annual event on campus or by organizing your own local service project.
  • Offer Your Expertise: Every year college-aged alumni come back to speak to juniors and seniors about their college choice; industry experts may join in a class discussion or presentation; and many alumni are eager to offer networking, mentoring, and internship opportunities to our students and alumni. Please let us know how you feel you can uniquely give back, and we will work to get you connected. 

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Request for Class Notes

  • We know that you are living an interesting life! Please share! Send an update to be included in our next OES Magazine. We also welcome photos.

Contact the Alumni Office

  • Send: Email
  • Call: 503-416-9369
  • Visit: 6300 SW Nicol Road, Portland, OR 97223
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