Spanish Students Do "Super" Service Learning
Posted 02/10/2017 02:36PM

How many people did YOU feed at your Super Bowl party last weekend?

Chances are your answer can't compare with that of Maria McIvor's Upper School Spanish students. Because last Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, these explorers of Spanish culture and communication got a firsthand lesson in the preparation of traditional tamales--all for a good cause.

Each winter, the Western Farm Workers Association (WFWA) runs a Winter Survival Campaign. This multi-faceted effort "provides supplemental food, blankets, heaters, and winter clothing distributions" to low-income, working farm families. As a way to support the Winter Survival Campaign, the WFWA makes tamales for sale to Super Bowl party hosts.

The OES students went out to Hillsboro in groups of eight for three hours each last week, and it was an informative. as well as enjoyable, experience. As Emerson L. '17 shared, "The experience was super good. I went with Jethro S. and Emilie D. [both '17], and we helped make the masa that is essentially the dough for the tamale.

After we learned about the general process of assembly we got to try our hand at spreading the corn husk, laying and evening the masa and meat, and finally wrapping it securely. We were welcomed in by everyone there: some had been associated with the Winter Survival Campaign for a long time or made tamales often at home, and some were newcomers like us. It was a fun experience for a good cause and we got to taste some of the delicious tamales!"

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