Sixth Graders Take a Trip to the MET
Posted 02/10/2017 03:10PM
The Sacred Spaces field trip series took our studious sixth graders to the Muslim Educational Trust (MET) on Wednesday. This journey began with a simple question from the Class of '23: "Could we visit the [MET] school?"

As with the other Sacred Spaces trips, our students were able to learn about the tenets of the Muslim faith. What made the trip extra special, though, according to OES educators Becky Tooley and Toni Holmberg, was that the sixth graders had the opportunity to "interact one-on-one with Muslim students and hear first-hand about how the current national discourse feels to them. This was the best trip we've ever taken."

Many thanks to the MET, Ms. Holmberg, Ms. Tooley, and of course our sixth graders for making this positive and rewarding experience come to life!

Photo credit of patchwork quilt with Arabic words and phrases: Malia Wilkins, OES Educator

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