"Animal Farm" Delivers Satire through Song
Posted 03/17/2017 04:12PM

Recently, a group of thespians, visual artists, puppeteers, and stage crew members turned the Upper School Great Hall into a very special type of background: the setting for a musical version of Animal Farm. The winter play, based on George Orwell's novel, told the tale of a group of animals that decides to rise up and overthrow its oppressive farmer overlord. What ensued was an exploration of power, class, group dynamics, and social change. 

Here are a few thoughts on what it was like to be part of this complex, entertaining production:

Ronan W. '18: "It was an honor to work with such professional and skilled actors. We were always having fun, and enjoying our respective roles, while staying focused. I'm always looking for comedy and intensity, in that order. I loved making the audience laugh, whether I was an idealistic and optimistic old pig or an 'agreeeeeeeable' sheep."

David Gomes, OES Drama educator and Animal Farm director: "The thing that really touched me was the creation of a true ensemble. The students truly learned to rely on each other, support each other, and trust each other at a high level."

Peter Buonincontro, OES Performing Arts educator: "Despite losing a third of standard rehearsal time due to snow, the student cast and crew managed to produce a heartfelt and passionate performance."

Bravo to all who made this impressive theatrical feat a success!

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