Pi Day Serves Up Mathematics Mayhem
Posted 03/17/2017 04:12PM

What do mathematicians and baked goods aficionados have in common? Why, it's the celebration of Pi Day! To honor this beloved trigonometric ratio, this week OES sixth graders went wild with representations of Pi. These included:

  • creating colorful chains where each link represents a different digit; the chains will be hung in Middle School math classrooms.
  • writing down facts about Pi on large pieces of construction paper (did you know that in one episode of Star Trek, Spock foils an evil computer using the famous ratio?).
  • the epic annual Pi reciting contest, which Logan C. '23 won by reciting 227 digits from memory! 

And of course there was a plethora of pie for all celebrants to share. Thank you to Ms. Von and Ms. Seder for always making math fun (and delicious)!

(Pictured above: Cayton S., Hollis H., Piper B., and Lydia C., all '23.)

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