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Athletics offers all students the opportunity to participate on a team and in meaningful physical activity. The program promotes the health and safety of the participants and provides opportunity for growth through individual and team participation. OES emphasizes positive group involvement, fun, good sportsmanship, and respect for reasonable authority, fellow team members, and opponents. OES operates on a no-cut policy — there is a team for every level of experience and skill. Any student choosing to participate will have the opportunity to be on a team and play in the games.

  • Competitive varsity teams regularly participate in state playoffs.
  • Sports include lacrosse, skiing, cross country, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, track, and golf.
  • Fencing is offered in PE classes by an OES fencing instructor, and students may also study fencing with the Oregon Fencing Alliance (sabre) on campus or with the nearby PDX Fencing (sabre) or Northwest Fencing Center (epee).
  • Snowboarding is available as a club activity.
  • A state-registered athletic trainer coaches students in how to stay safe and healthy while enjoying competitive sports.
  • For athletic competition results, please see the website of the Oregon School Athletic Association.

SPARC (Sports and Recreation Complex)
The Sports and Recreation Complex (SPARC) is at a separate location from the OES main campus. Fencing, tennis, and some basketball and volleyball games are held at SPARC. A steep unpaved path leads from the main campus to SPARC, but vehicles must take a longer route. SPARC is located at 6699 SW Oleson Road, and maps can be found on the OES maps page.  

Saturday, 12/20/2014
Junior Varsity Boys Basketball
  vs. Portland Christian
more info
Varsity Girls Basketball
  vs. Portland Christian
more info
Varsity Boys Basketball
  vs. Portland Christian
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