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Valentine’s Day celebrations happened across Lower School yesterday and included a range of activities from the exchange of kind thoughts and cards to classes committing time to engage in service at school and in the greater community. Chaplain Heather Wenrick helped us all start the day well by reflecting on the meaning of Valentine's Day and thinking of ways we could fill each other up with love. 

We are continuing to field questions about school days and conferences. Please note the following changes to our school calendar made in response to the number of school days we have missed this winter. 

  • Monday, February 20, Presidents Day – Regular Lower School classes
  • Thursday, March 2 and Friday, March 3 – Parent Teacher Conferences. No LS classes.
  • Monday, April 3 – Regular Lower School Classes
  • Friday, April 14, Good Friday – Regular Lower School classes
  • Friday, June 16 – Last Day of Lower School Classes


Our Assistant Heads of Lower School, Kirstin McAuley and Chris Thompson, invite you to view the latest post on The Confluence, their blog about common trends in the Beginning and Intermediate Years. You'll find information on growth mindset that Kirstin and Chris think will be valuable to you in the month ahead as you conference with classroom teachers and receive progress reports about your child's strengths and goals for future learning. 


Remember our doors do not open until 7:30 am. Please do not drop children off or leave them unsupervised before 7:30 am. 


2/21 Art's Muse: The arts enrich our school as students and faculty use our artistic gifts, connect art to spirituality and share that connection in service to others. At Chapel, we'll honor our own inner artist and will hear from Art teacher, Margaret Synan-Russell.
3/1 Ash Wednesday: This is a traditional solemn service, which at first seems off putting, but you might find comfort in knowing that it allows us to acknowledge our mistakes rather than try to hide them. Putting away our Alleluias now and then we’ll bring them back at Easter, as well as the readings push us not toward sadness or punishment, but toward action and reconciliation. Students can participate in various ways: singing, sitting, praying and receiving ashes. The ashes are made from burning the student's written prayers that we've read throughout the year. Burning the ashes takes place at the conclusion of next week's Chapel, Feb. 21 and will be cooled and placed on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday.


Online Health & Permission Forms due May 1

Paper forms (as applicable) to be completed and returned to OES by August 1:


The sign up links are now live for Spring Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday, March 2nd and Friday, March 3rd. Please click below for a list of links for all Lower School Teachers and Specialist Teachers. These links will close on Friday, February 17th.

Link to Conference Sign Ups


The Used Uniform Closet in now located in Room 10 Fariss Hall.  All items were recently moved and are still in boxes, so please allow one week for folding and organization.  In the meantime, feel free to get the key from Kathy or Lyn in the Lower School office and shop as is.


Hello OES Families!

We will be hosting the NW Regional/OR State Sport Stacking Championships on March 4th in the OES gym from 8:00 – 5:00. I wanted to let you know about some important information about the tournament plus a request for volunteers.

  • If your child is interested in participating, standard registration ($15) ends on Feb. 16th and late registration ($25) ends on March 1st. Last day to register is March 1st. This tournament is for all ages and skill levels. There will be medals for the top 5 stackers in each division and event. Lots of opportunities to earn medals! If your child is not quite sure they’re ready, you can always come and watch some of the fastest stackers from WA, OR, CA, and HI compete. All of the information you need can be found here…
  • There will be two practices coming up to prepare for the tournament. Feb. 18th is from 9:00 – 12:00, in the OES gym, and will be a day where we are also training the judges. We will also practice on Feb. 25th, from 9:30 -11:00. Extra time to prepare and learn from the other stackers who have competed before.
  • We need volunteers! I have lots of opportunities including set up, take down, floating, being a runner, helping with registration, etc. Some jobs are just a couple hours to all day, depending on how many volunteers we have. We also really need judges and divisional managers. These two positions do require training, including Feb. 18th as mentioned above to understand the rules and practice judging stackers of various speeds. Please let me know if you are interested and what position.

Thank you for your support and happy stacking!

Coach Stephanie


WHEN:  Thursday, March 16th 4 - 6 p.m.
WHERE: LS Gym & Turf Field
WHY:  Community gathering event
Our LS PE Family Fun Night is almost upon us!  Come celebrate the arrival of Spring!!  Set aside Thursday, March 16th4 - 6 p.m. for an awesome night of family fun and fitness!!  Team games such as Volleyball, Pickleball, Kickball, Pillo Polo, and Soccer will be offered.  Individual activities such as Rock Climbing, Yoga, and Sport Stacking are also in the plans.
Dinner will not be served.  Either come well-fed and prepared to play with us, or grab a bite when you're done!
PLEASE NOTE:  This is not a "drop-off" event; all children are expected to have a responsible adult accompany them.

We'll need some parent volunteers to supervise the games/stations, so be on the lookout for future announcements regarding how you can sign up to support us.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact any member of the LS PE team or Jennifer Young, FFN Chair at
Hope to see you all soon!


Dear OES Lacrosse Parent,

Spring 2017 Riptide Lacrosse Riptide Lacrosse is the select lacrosse program associated with the OES and Riverdale boys 5/6 and 7/8 lacrosse programs.

What is Select Lacrosse? Select Lacrosse is a competitive lacrosse program for players at the 5-6 and 7-8 level. It is a spring lacrosse option for players playing at a higher level than recreational lacrosse, who desire the additional challenge. The governing body for boys lacrosse in Oregon, the OYLA, established and oversees a youth select lacrosse program. Select Lacrosse is in addition to recreational team lacrosse, not rather than, and you must be on a recreational team in order to play Select Lacrosse. The OYLA is sensitive to select lacrosse overwhelming recreational lacrosse, so certain parameters have been spelled out: ·

Select Lacrosse starts in April, a month after recreational lacrosse ·

Additionally, the Riptide teams will play in 3 tournaments: two local and one in Sisters, OR ·

  • April 29-30: Sherwood Shootout ·
  • May 20-21: Oregon Cup ·
  • May 13-14:Sisters Annual Lacrosse Invitational (SALI)

How is the Riptide program run? The Riptide is a joint effort of two lacrosse programs: OES and Riverdale. We joined forces because it's hard to field the numbers to compete in Select from our two small schools, but together we can field competitive teams. You must play for either the OES or Riptide recreational lacrosse program in order to be eligible for Riptide Lacrosse – this is an OYLA rule. · Head coach for the 5/6 team will be Bill Abel · Head coach for the 7/8 team will be Cameron Rafish · Team Administrators will be Soolynn Chang for 5/6 and Alicia Morissette for 7/8 Unlike some other Select programs, our program is "No Cut." That means anyone may sign up for the team, however unlike rec teams, playing time is not equal. Select lacrosse is competitive and while coaches will attempt to play all players when appropriate, we play to win and the coaches will make their decisions accordingly. Practices are Friday evenings at the OES field, although they may at times also be at Riverdale.

How do I sign up? You must register your son if you want him to play Select Lacrosse. He cannot come to the first practice without being registered. We will adhere to a strict registration deadline this year. You must email the Team Parent no later than February 10th. A payment link will be sent with final payment due by February 15th .

To register your 5th/6th grader please email Soolynn Chang

To register your 7th/8th grader please email Alicia Morissette

There will be a brief informational meeting on Monday, February 6 at 6:00 pm in the MS Commons. Coaches will be available to answer questions and talk about the upcoming season.

What does it cost? $375.00 per player. This pays for: ·

  • 2 paid coaches ·
  • 3 tournament entry fees ·
  • Uniforms
  • *This does not include travel and accommodations for the SALI tournament

Select Lacrosse is a big commitment for players and families. Players must be dedicated and committed to making all of the tournaments and most practices. This means you spend these tournament weekends on the field. It is a challenging, competitive fun environment for dedicated young lacrosse players.


The Upper school Aardvark Science Fair is looking for parents / grandparents to judge their projects. If you don’t have any kids attending the OES Upper School you are eligible to judge upper school science projects. It is a requirement that you have a science/engineering  education or work related experience.

The Aardvark Science Exposition is also known as the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair OES-Affiliated Science Research Competition. It is a science, engineering, computer science and math research competition for OES students in 9th to 12th grade. Students with their research poster boards are interviewed by judges and celebrated at the evening awards ceremony.

US Aardvark Science Fair judging is on Friday, February 24th, 2017 during school hours at the SPARC (The OES Sports and Recreational Center located on 6699 SW Oleson Road, Portland, OR) and it will be a 4-5 hour commitment.

 This is a rough schedule of the fair:

  • 8:00 AM -  Orientation- Hot breakfast for judges
  • 8:30-10:00 PM -  Judges view exhibits
  • 0:00-12:30 PM - Student Interviews
  • 12:30-2:30 PM  - Selection of finalists (lunch included) 

Please go to  and sign up to judge the Aardvark Science Expo. This will enable you to choose your category and to view abstracts before the fair. If you have any additional questions, please email Tanya Horvat

We need around 70 judges.  Thanks for volunteering!


We require volunteers to Supervise visitors during the Open House at the annual Aardvark Science Expo. Main responsibilities will be greeting visitors, helping folks locate bathrooms or drinking fountains, and reminding folks to behave and not touch the exhibits or toss tennis balls. It is also a nice opportunity to peruse the exhibits.

US Aardvark Science Fair volunteers are required on Thursday, February 23th, 2017 during school hours From -  8 am - 5 pm in 2 hour shifts,  at SPARC (The OES Sports and Recreational Center located on 6699 SW Oleson Road, Portland, OR) and it will be a 1-2 hour commitment.

To sign up, please click the here - Volunteers for US Science Fair

If you have questions please email Bevin Daglen


It’s Prom Night on March 11th at Montgomery Park! 

You want a most excellent time at the most happen’en event since the 1980s?  Book on over to sign up, and then glam yourself up.... 

Choose among some bodacious ticket options quickly as ticket sales are on the rise!

  • Homeroom tickets:  Sign up as a couple, or come single for the choicest event since the 1980s!  Decide later if you want to stay on campus (Montgomery Park) for Aardie’s “post-prom” activities.   
  • Varsity Seating:  Get big time recognition in the yearbook (catalog), in addition to courtside seating.  This is the perfect ticket if you’re in for Aardy’s Post Prom activities.  If you and your nine BFFs are ready to go, set your Student Council Table now! 

Class baskets this year are so gnarlyAre you down for a donation?  Go to your class link at and bring in your fave contribution to make the basket just chill!

Pink Floyd might prefer our Wall of Wine: Grab your favorite bottles of red, white or something in between, valued at $25 or more and bring the in to add to the wall now.  Champagne valued at $25 or more is also welcome. 

Bodacious donations still welcome!!!

Consider one of the following donation ideas or come up with one of your own: 

  • Vacation home: A magical week or weekend at your secret mountain or beach hideaway would be totally ace!
  • Airfare Mileage:  Make a package even more glam and bring in some miles from your recent air travel missions! 
  • Gift Certificates Galore:  Who’s up for dinner out?  The Movies? Or a trip to Disneyland?  Come up with your own rad idea, or check in with the Auction Office to see if there is something special to complete a package.  A few that are always auction faves are those for hot hotels and B&Bs, rad restaurants, and sick special events. 


Friends of OES Libraries (FOESL) is starting to coordinate this year's Great OES Book Swap (GOBS), planned for the week of April 24th.  
As we move from hosting GOBS every other year to every year, this is a great time to get involved.
If you were inspired to clear out your bookshelves over winter break or as part of a New Year's resolution, please save your books to share at GOBS!  We will look forward to collecting gently used children's, young adult, and adult books (no textbooks, please) to share and exchange within our community this spring, with any remaining books being donated to local libraries or charities.  We're likely to be able to start accepting donations the week of April 17th.
Please also consider joining us at a future meeting of FOESL to help plan campus events that celebrate our community's love of books and reading, including author visits, literary festivals, and the now-annual GOBS event.  
Friendly people. Fun events. Small time commitment! 
Upcoming meetings on Tuesday mornings 8:05 - 9:30 am in the DVR:
February 28th
April 18th
May 23rd

Changes posted to FOESL website if any occur.
Qs?: Rebecca Thompson,


OES contracts with an emergency announcement calling service that will notify families of school delays and closures. In order to receive these announcements, you must register with Honeywell Instant Alert. 

We strongly urge you to register with Honeywell Instant Alert in order to receive these messages. 

Enrollment Instructions
Instant Alert Sign-in Page


The sign up system is accessible online through SignUp with sign-ups available for the remainder of the school year. Please click the link below to access your specific teacher's volunteer sign-up link for "Scheduled Jobs" and "Projects":  

New to SignUp? No problem, it's easy to use! Click to find general info and instructions.  Please contact your room parent if you have any questions. 


When you have a new email address, phone number or other important contact information, what's the best way to let the school know about this important change? The OES Parent Portal ( was specifically designed to help you communicate those changes to us. That includes emergency contacts you might wish to add or edit. To access this feature simply log in to the portal, go to the Family page and choose the item you wish to edit from the list of links on the left-hand side. Keeping these details up-to-date is the best way to make sure we have correct information to communicate with and assist our families.


Friendly reminder: NEW Parent Volunteers must have a background check first before they can volunteer in your class. It is easy and convenient and it is all done on line. You may forward the links below to your new parents.

Here are the links for Background Check information:
Background Check link
Background Check FAQs


We've been working hard this week.

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