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Students begin the Upper School with foundational courses in English 9, History 9, and Physics. They continue through a common sequence in English and Science (English 10, English 11, Chemistry, Biology). Increasingly, as students move through the Upper School, they choose from sequences of courses and from Electives that allow them to customize their learning as well as demonstrate their Essential Competencies across nine academic subjects. Please review the "Graduation Requirements" linked on this page to learn more.

Upper School courses encourage students explore the world broadly and deeply. From the study of ancient artifacts and ancient literature to current events and modern literature they learn to: seek relevant connections with their lives, look for real world applications in math and science, engage in modeling, conduct statistical analysis, and work with experimental and engineering design, read across a wide range of genres, and engage people and cultures from diverse backgrounds (religious, artistic, linguistic, socio-economic, historic, and geographic).

Upper School students learn by going deeper into topics and take on greater responsibility for initiating, directing, managing, and presenting their work to broader audiences. They write extensively, in many forms, across the curriculum as they learn to develop and communicate their thoughts in many different modes, creative and critical, personal and research-driven. Upper School courses emphasize the value of the creative process as it leads them to reflect and experience what it takes to produce thoughtful, meaningful, polished work.

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