The OES Music program offers private music classes for Pre-K–12 and seeks to expose students to the aesthetic and creative joy of making music. We endeavor to instill in our students a life-long appreciation and love for music. Music at OES is dedicated to guiding students to reach their highest possible level of excellence. Students learn the equal importance and relationship between individual self-discipline and an accomplishment of ensemble esprit-de-corps.

Our instrumental and vocal music ensembles are the foundational core classes of the music curriculum at the MS/US levels. Although performance is a major goal for these courses, the process is just as important as the product. It is through these classes that students learn the fundamentals of:

  • Singing/playing an instrument
  • Music reading and interpretation
  • Music history and music theory

This core curriculum is a springboard for other avenues of musical expression in the form of specialty ensembles. Students are encouraged to participate in several other ensembles and musical venues in order to attain the most rewarding musical experience.

Through our music offerings, our students grow in self-esteem, musicianship, and global awareness as we work together in the universal language of music.

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