The research-based science program at Oregon Episcopal School allows students to pursue their interests fully and in great depth. Every OES student learns through hands-on experimentation in class and starting in the sixth grade, does a science research project each year. Their passion and hard work, along with mentoring by dedicated teachers, frequently lead to success in national and international science competitions. Even if students choose not to compete in science competitions or to pursue a career in science, all student gain experience with:

  • Guided inquiry
  • Critical thinking
  • Group process
  • Structure problem solving
  • Presentation skills

More than half of the OES Upper School science faculty holds PhDs. They are committed to teaching the process of science as a tool for critical thinking by requiring that students support a conclusion with scientific data. In addition to classroom teaching, they mentor students by discussing their research with them, making suggestions, and helping students make connections with professional scientists doing similar research.

Oregon Episcopal School provides a supportive, challenging, exciting, caring and well-rounded experience.

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