Science Project Highlights


Students in the engineering design class at OES wanted to create a vehicle that could explore the 59-acre OES campus, including the two wetlands. They designed and built a vehicle that can go from zoom to splash instantly.

It was not clear whether it was an amphibious go-kart or a terrestrial kayak, so they named it a "go-yak". The project required the students to work together, to understand engineering principles, and, most of all, to improvise.


Two Middle School students set up a solar panel on the roof of the OES Drinkward Center for Math, Science and Technology. They obtained the panel by soliciting a local solar company for a donation, mounted the panel on the roof, and installed other components such as the charge controller and inverter.

The students worked with solar installation companies and electrical specialists who did the wiring for them. In addition to recharging laptops, the system provides a greenĀ charging station lab that other students can use to run experiments on solar energy.


SAS group of OES students called the InvenTeam is working on a project that they hope will transform the lives of poor farmers in arid nations. The goal is to create a human-powered pump that will increase the efficiency of irrigation so the farmers can increase their income, improve their nutrition, and send their children to school.

The students created a prototype that they took to a conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where they discussed it with professional inventors and brought back refinements to incorporate into a second prototype. That prototype was installed in a village in Liberia, and students continue to work on refinements to make the pump more efficient and less expensive.

The Go-Yak

Solar Power


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