Administrative Team
Head of School Mo Copeland 503-246-7771
Asst. to Head of School Sage Carter 503-416-9390
Interim Head of Upper School Corbet Clark 503-768-3121
Head of Middle School Ann Sulzer 503-416-3124
Head of Lower School David Lowell 503-768-3141
Director of Facilities Jon von Behren 503-768-3161
Head Chaplain Phillip Craig 503-768-3138
Director of Admissions Susan Gundle 503-768-3165
Director of Advancement Liz MacDonell 503-768-3181
CFO Gretchen Reed 503-768-3131
All School
Main Switchboard   503-246-7771
Head of School Mo Copeland 503-246-7771
Asst. to Head of School Sage Carter 503-416-9390
AASK Dori King, Director 503-768-3193
Admissions Admissions Main 503-768-3115
  Susan Gundle, Director 503-768-3165
  Jen Bash, Financial Aid 503-416-9379
  Sarah Ross-Bailly, LS Admissions 503-768-3114
  Bonnie Brennan, MS Admissions 503-416-9377
  Helen Mallette, US Admissions 503-416-9378
After School Program and Extended Care TBD 503-416-9249
503-768-3148 after 3 p.m.
  Meghan Powers, Director, MS ASP 503-416-9261
after 3 p.m.
After School Classes Kati Stenstrom, Program Director 503-768-3145
Athletics Dennis Sullivan, Athletic Director 503-416-9253
  Missy Smith, Associate Director of Athletics 503-416-9256
Auction Office   503-768-3156
Business Office Gretchen Reed, CFO 503-768-3131
  Lisa Kave, Student Billing 503-416-9380
  Tammy Stotik, Employee Benefits and Compensation 503-416-9382
Chaplain Phillip Craig 503-768-3138
Marketing and Communications Karen Crandal, Marketing and Communications Director 503-416-9370
  Tuan Anh Nguyen, Marketing and Communications Administrative Assistant 503-416-9367
  Steph Hartford, Web and Print Content Manager 503-416-9371
Counseling Cindy McEnroe, Director of Student Support Services 503-416-9295
Development Liz MacDonell, Director of Advancement 503-768-3181
  Michael Ballew, Director of Analytics 503-416-9374
  Charlotte Becker, Gift Processing Assistant 503-416-9376
  Leslee Gemmill, Executive Assistant 503-768-3179
  Marianne Kennedy, Development Coordinator 503-416-9375
  Lorena Kuhns, Development Assistant 503-768-3153
  Cindy Plummer, Auction and Special Events Manager 503-768-3156
  Madeline Pruett, Director of Development 503-768-3137
  Sara Berglund, Alumni and Donor Relations Manager 503-416-9369
  Ami Rome, Annual Giving Manager 503-416-9368
Experiential Education Tom Handel, Experiential Education Coordinator 503-416-9359
Facilities Jon von Behren, Director of Facilities Management 503-768-3162
  Rod Maynard, Facilities Operations Manager 503-416-9314
Food Service/Kitchen Kelly Cowing, Food Service Director 503-768-3135
School Store Madeleine Menashe, Manager 503-768-3170
Music Nancy Teskey, K-12 Music Department Chair
Nurse Elaine Elliott 503-416-9300
503-757-7040 cell
Safety Coordinator Rebecca Williams 503-416-9372
St. John's Parish Brent Miller, Office Administrator 503-245-3777
  Robert Bryant, Rector 503-768-3139
  Heather Wenrick, Associate Rector 503-416-9398
Summer Programs Kati Stenstrom, Program Director 503-4169260
Technology Brad Baugher, Director of Technology 503-768-3136
  Brad Kuhns, Director of Information Technology 503-768-3190
Transportation Robbi Garvin 503-768-3162
Lower School Offices
Office Lyn Zenisek 503-768-3178
  Kathy Finn-Brennan 503-768-3143
Head of Lower School David Lowell
Asst. Head of Lower School, Beginning Years Kirstin McAuley 503-416-9208
Asst. Head of Lower School, Intermediate Years    
Absence/After School Change   503-768-3143
Interim Chaplain Heather Wenrick 503-416-9279
Counseling Melanie Clark 503-416-9248
Extended Care TBD 503-416-9249
503-768-3148 after 3 p.m.
Middle School Offices
Office Lisa Casalino 503-416-9264
  Marcy Morris 503-768-3127
  Kate Swindell 503-768-3127
Head of Middle School Ann Sulzer 503-416-9265
Attendance   503-768-3127
Extension Program Meghan Powers 503-416-9502
Chaplain Phillip Craig 503-416-9247
Counseling Cindy McEnroe 503-416-9295
Upper School Offices
Office Pat Freeman
Jean Verheggen
Interim Head of Upper School Corbet Clark 503-768-3121
Attendance   503-768-3169
Chaplain Jenny Cleveland 503-416-9242
College Counseling Paula Sutton 503-416-9350
Counseling Amanda Weber-Welch

Associate Head of Upper School for Academics and Residential Life

Deri Bash 503-416-9357
Discovery Dana Mosher Lewis 503-416-9333
Dean of Students Kara Tambellini 503-416-9345
Dean of Students Deborah Walsh 503-416-9307
Outdoor Programs Tom Handel 503-416-9359
Service Learning Robin Schauffler 503-416-9308
Winterim Christina "Tna" Meyerhoff 503-768-3166
Residence Office   503-768-3171
Boys' House Head Peter Buonincontro 503-768-3171
Girls' House Head Brad Hoffman 503-416-9392
Dorm Parent on Duty After 3 p.m. 503-515-5797
Fax Numbers
Main Building   503-293-1105
Admissions   503-768-3140
Business Office   503-416-9806
Development & Communications   503-768-3192
Dorms/Nurse   503-416-9803
Lower School   503-416-9801
Middle School   503-416-9802
Upper School   503-416-9805
St. John's Parish   503-416-9877
US Counseling Office   503-416-9807
OES bell


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