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LS Homecoming Volunteers 

Organizer: Julie Kuni

Time of year: Friday, Setember 30th, 2016
Time of day: afternoon, early evening
Frequency:  once
Time commitment: 2 to 3 hours
Location: Aardvark Community Park

Job description: Volunteers assist with LS specific homecoming activities in advance of the celebration and/or at the event by helping set-up, running the parade and fun-food booths (popcorn, etc.), and cleaning up after the afternoon/early evening festivities.

Homecoming is an annual all-school celebration including soccer games, food and fun for all.  Current families and alumni are all invited to attend.  Dinner is provided by OES food service.

Aardvark Science Expo Judge 

Organizer: Tanja Horvat 

Time of year: Friday, February 24th, 2017
Time of day: school hours
Frequency:  once
Time commitment: 4 to 5 hours
Location: SPARC (6699 SW Olsen Rd)

Job description: Judge Upper School science projects at the annual Aardvark Science Expo in a variety of disciplines. If you have science degree, work experience, or extensive knowledge in any of the scientific disciplines and your children are not attending upper school yet, please consider volunteering as a science fair judge. If you cannot judge, please consider asking your friends or colleagues to volunteer for our event. Breakfast and lunch provided.

The Aardvark Science Exposition is also known as the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair OES-Affiliated Science Research Competition. It is a science, engineering, computer science and math research competition for OES students in 9th to 12th grade. Students with their research poster boards are interviewed by judges and celebrated at the evening awards ceremony.

For more information see the Aardvark Science Expo webpage.

LS Teacher Appreciation Day

Current Chair: Deb Pajor 
Current Co-Chair: Lisa Kellogg

Time of year: tbd
Time of day: during and after school
Frequency:  once
Time commitment: depends on committee
Location: discretionary for planning time, event is on campus

Job description: Volunteers help with the preparation and activities for Lower School Teacher Appreciation Day.

Activities may include Breakfast & Coffee, Appetizers & Desserts, and Teacher Appreciation Bags.  Preparations include decorations and invitations.

LS Discovery Day Workshop Leader - Please email Ashley Bingham

Current Chair: Ashley Bingham 
Current Co-Chair: Emily Chessar 

Time of year: Thursday, May 25th, 2017
Time of day: school hours
Frequency: 1 day, 2 sessions
Time commitment: 2 hours for workshop, plus prep time
Location: Planning time is discretionary, workshops will be on campus

Job description: Workshop leaders prepare and lead 2 1-hour workshops for Primary through 2nd grade in various interests or expertise. Workshop size varies from 4 to 10 students.

LS Discovery Day Event Volunteer 

Current Chair: Ashley Bingham 
Current Co-Chair: Emily Chessar

Time of year: Thursday, May 25th, 2017
Time of day: school hours
Frequency: 1 time
Time commitment: 4 hours
Location: on campus

Job description: General volunteers assist workshop leaders and help gather the children and take them to and from workshops.

Discovery Day is an opportunity for Primary, 1st and 2nd graders to explore something new through a variety of quality learning workshops.  Workshop leaders are OES staff & parents and professionals from the community. The workshops vary year to year, but have included: fencing, archery, Indian dance, Japanese food, basketball, computers, gardening, sewing, cooking, etc. Workshops are small – ranging from three or four to ten children. Each child participates in two one-hour workshops after lunch. These are fabulous opportunities for these children to experience something they might not otherwise explore.


LS Used Uniforms 

Current Chair: Anne Borus 
Current Co-Chair: Kelli Burke

Time of year: throughout the year
Time of day: discretionary
Frequency: Usually once per month, more often when Lost and Found items are put out and advertised
Time commitment: 1 month minimum, 1 to 3 hours for the month
Location: mostly off campus, some on campus

Job description: Volunteers fold, and sort donated Lower School uniforms and stock and maintain the uniform shelves in the Used Uniform Closet in Room 10. They also wash Lost and Found items.

The used uniform closet provides a way for families to donate uniforms in good repair that their children have outgrown or no longer need.  It also provides a source of reasonable priced uniforms to families needing to buy uniforms for their children.  Proceeds go to LS PAL. Uniform donations may be dropped off in the LS office; access to the Closet is via a key located in the LS Office.  Room 10 is under the 1st/2nd grade wing in Lower School; the door to the room is at the end of the walkway that connects the Beginning School and Lower School buildings (and has the entrance to the Lower School office).

LS Library Volunteers 

Organizer: Heidi Hackenjos 

Time of year: throughout the year
Time of day: school hours, discretionary
Frequency:  discretionary
Time commitment: 1 hour minimum
Location: Lower School Library

Job description: Volunteers, in collaboration with the LS Librarian and Library assistant, help with special literacy events including author visits, the writing celebration, and Oregon Battle of the Books. Additionally, volunteers are needed to help with the shelving of books and other materials.

LS Teacher Appreciation Snacks 

Current Chair: Deanne Do 

Time of year: throughout the year
Time of day: snacks need to be delivered to school Wednesday at 3 pm
Frequency:  about once a month
Time commitment: about 1 hour
Location: off campus with delivery to campus

Job description: Volunteers provide snacks for teachers at faculty/staff meetings and Lower School conference days.

Snacks may be store-bought or home-made.  No nuts.

LS Walk for Fun & Fitness 

Current Chair: Wendy Wray

Time of year: Friday, September 30th, 2016
Time of day: school hours, before and after school
Frequency: once per year
Time commitment:  1 hour shift
Location: OES track

Job description: Volunteers supervise the track, record miles on lap cards as students’ complete laps, and cheer students’ progress.

Held twice annually, once during the Fall and again in the Spring, this all-day event promotes health and fitness for students, faculty and parents alike. The event is kicked off with an assembly at the start of the school day. Students are given specific times throughout the school day to walk or run around the OES track, logging each lap as they go. Parent volunteers cheer student progress and help record laps throughout the day.

LS P.E Family Fun Night

Current Chair: Jennifer Young

Time of year: Tbd
Time of day: school hours, before and after school
Frequency:  once a year
Time commitment:  1 hour shift
Location: OES track

Job description: Facilitate family fun time and answer questions. Volunteers will have a laminated card outlining the basic rules for each activity station. Volunteers are not required or expected to referee. Activity stations will be monitored by LS parents and OES staff. 

LS Service Learning 

Organizer: Heather Wenrick 

Specific classroom or grade-level service learning project sign-ups are found on the classroom scheduled activities sign-up.

Giving Chapel 

Current Chair: Amy Simpson and
Current Co-Chair: Nellie Hester

Time of year: Friday, December 9th, 2016
Time of day: school hours, morning
Frequency:  once
Time commitment: 2 to 4 hours
Location: St John the Baptist church

Job description: Assist with service by acting as ushers, helping students with gift bags, or help supervise the distribution of gifts to the non-profit organizations

Giving chapel is held in early December each year. Prior to the service LS children receive a recyclable brown bag which they may decorate and fill the bag with items that have been requested by the organizations that will ultimately distribute the bags. The children bring the filled bags to chapel where the gifts are blessed and the non-profit organizations say a few words about their agency.  At the conclusion of the chapel gifts are sorted by agency and loaded into vehicles for transport.

Mt. Hood Climb Service Day 

Current Chair: April Gilster 

Time of year: Wednesday, May 10th, 2017
Time of day: school hours
Frequency:  once
Time commitment: 4 hours
Location: on campus

Job description: Assist teachers with projects around campus identified for this annual school-wide service day. 5th grade parents are needed specifically for Project Second Wind to collect, sort, repack and deliver Beginning School and Lower School donations to Neighborhood House (in Multnomah Village).

Mt. Hood Climb Service Day is a day in early May specifically designated for the OES community to give back to the community-at-large. A community gathering, prayers and service work commemorate the seven students and two faculty members who lost their lives in the 1986 tragedy on Mt. Hood. All members of the OES community are welcome and encouraged to participate.


LS Classroom Scheduled Activities - Sign-up on grid at top of page

Classroom scheduled activities are during school hours and on-campus.  They can vary by classroom and grade; some grades may not have all the activities listed below.  See your classroom room parent for specifics.

  • Science: assist Jane Kenney-Norberg (Primary through 4th grade) or classroom teachers (5th grade) with weekly science activity.
    • Time of year: entire school year
    • Frequency: 1 time per week, may sign up for more than one session.
    • Time commitment: 1 hour.
  • Class projects: assist teachers with projects related to topics covered in social studies. Topics vary by grade.  Time of year will also vary by grade.
    • Time of year: will vary by grade, Winter and Spring
    • Frequency: will vary by grade from 1 time to multiple sessions, multiple sessions will occur over the course of several consecutive weeks.
    • Time commitment: 1 to 4 hours (shorter times for multiple sessions, longer times apply to single day events).
  • Math Helper: Work with small groups of students on math topics.  This is not done in every grade, check with the room parent.
    • Time of year: entire school year
    • Frequency: weekly.
    • Time commitment: 1 hour per week.
  • Wednesday Envelopes:  Put student papers in reusable envelopes that will be sent home to parents on Wednesday afternoons.
    • Time of year: entire school year on Wednesday
    • Frequency: 1 time per week.
    • Time commitment: 30 to 60 minutes from approximately 1:30 to 2:30
  • Production:  assist teacher with administrative tasks such as copying or laminating.
    • Time of year: entire school year
    • Frequency: 1 time per week.
    • Time commitment: approximately 1 time per week, volunteers usually sign-up for a one month commitment.
  • Lunch helper:  Beginning School - supervise children during lunch hour. 1st grade – escort students to the main dining hall on teachers’ common planning days.
    • Time of year: entire school year
    • Frequency: once a week, may sign-up for multiple times.
    • Time commitment: approximately 1 hour.
  • Spooktacular: staff classroom game at Lower School Halloween party, Spooktacular. Or provide store- bought cake/cupcakes for the cake-walk.
    • Time of year: Late October
    • Time of day: evening
    • Frequency: 1 time
    • Time commitment: approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

LS Classroom Projects - Sign-up on grid at top of page

Classroom projects do not have specific times associated with them and may involve time which can be done off-campus, outside of school hours. They can vary by classroom and grade; some grades may not have all the activities listed below.  See your classroom room parent for specifics.

  • Class parties: Each classroom will have several parties during the year.  Volunteers plan and host party in the conjunction with the classroom teacher.  May volunteer for multiple parties.
    • Time of year: 3 to 4 times during year – October, December, February, Late May/Early June
    • Time of day: school hours
    • Frequency: 3 to 4
    • Time commitment: 1.5 hours per party, an additional 2 to 3 hours if planning the party
    • Location: classroom
  • Field trip chaperone: accompany children on field trips; assist teacher as instructed.  Because of the popularity of this activity, volunteers will only be allowed to go on one trip per year.
    • Time of year: varies by classroom
    • Time of day: school hours
    • Frequency: 2 times during the year
    • Time commitment: 1 to 4 hours, depending on destination
    • Location: begins and ends on-campus, field trip destinations will vary
  • Auction project coordinator and helpers:
    Coordinator - consults with the teacher and the auction committee, to select class auction project; plans and runs students’ work sessions; provides item’s description to auction catalog committee; and ensures item is delivered to auction office.
    Helper assists coordinator with preparations for work sessions and assists students during work session
    • Time of year: December to February
    • Time of day: school hours for student work sessions, planning time is discretionary
    • Frequency: 1 time
    • Time commitment: student work sessions will be approximately 1 hour each, may be multiple sessions depending on item.  Planning and organization time will be around 20 hours.
    • Location: on and off campus
  • Book Orders: For classes that subscribe to book clubs, prepare book order forms for distribution to students, collect completed forms from teacher, and prepare consolidated order form for class.  When books arrive, sort books into student orders and distribute to students.
    • Time of year: throughout school year
    • Time of day: discretionary
    • Frequency: 8 times, once a month
    • Time commitment: 2 hours per month
    • Location: discretionary
  • Parent Social: Plan and organize grade-wide socials for parents to get to know each other.
    • Time of year: discretionary
    • Time of day: planning time will be discretionary, event will be in the evening
    • Frequency: 2 to 3 times
    • Time commitment: 4 hours per event
    • Location: discretionary
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