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Private lessons are available on campus and offered in piano, organ, harpsichord, harp, voice, composition, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion, violin, viola, cello, double bass and guitar.

The majority of our advanced music students study with private music teachers. Students who take private lessons often improve more rapidly and develop confidence more quickly with intensive, individual instruction. The OES Music Department strongly encourages any MS or US student wishing to play in Band or Orchestra to take private lessons on the instrument played in the ensemble.

A list of private teachers who teach in the private music lesson program is available online, in the After School Classes (ASC) office or from the chair of the Music Department.

The Music Department has a limited number of instruments available for rent. See more information on Instrument Rentals.

The Private Lesson Policy Statement is available in the ASC office and on the Oregon Episcopal School Web site below.


Oregon Episcopal School offers private music lessons to all students on a variety of instruments. Individual music lessons are given by music specialists who are recommended by the OES music faculty. Our adjunct music faculty is selected from the finest performers and teachers in the Portland area.

A roster of music teachers will be available at the beginning of the school year. Only teachers engaged by Oregon Episcopal School may teach on school grounds. Only currently enrolled Oregon Episcopal School students are eligible for private lessons during the school year. Lessons will be scheduled beginning the second week in September and finish during the first week in June. Private lessons are available during the school day at a time that is mutually agreeable to the student, the teacher and the school. This may include time before school, after school, or during the school day.

Students will receive 28 lessons (14 lessons each semester) during the school year. Lessons are paid by the semester. If more lessons are taken, additional fees will be assessed at the current rate. Lessons are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour in length. The length of lessons will be determined by the music instructor and parents based upon the student's ability level and commitment of time to practice.

Parents are reminded that by enrolling your child in private music lessons, you are agreeing that your child will be available to complete 28 lessons during the school year (14 lessons fall semester, 14 lessons spring semester). Please take this commitment into consideration when enrolling your child in tutoring, sports, or other in-school or out-of-school activities.

If a student needs to withdraw from private lessons at the semester break, please notify the After School Classes office as soon as possible. A student may withdraw from taking private lessons for any reason within 24 hours following the first lesson, but the student’s account will be charged a $100 administrative fee to process the refund and request. After this period of time, withdrawal or non-completion of lessons for any reason other than medical does not qualify for a refund of any tuition. Parents of students leaving the program for medical reasons must provide a medical statement from the student's physician. A $100 administrative fee plus 10% of total tuition will be charged for processing refunds and to cover material costs.

Teachers endeavor to make up lessons when notice of absence is given 24 hours in advance. Teachers will provide parents with their contact information and the time by which they must be called if it is necessary for a student to miss a lesson. Teachers must be called directly. The attendance office does not notify individual teachers about student absences, whether for sickness, class trips, or athletic events.

Please note that refunds are not given for missed lessons.

To register for private music lessons, contact the Extension office at 503.416.9500. Lesson fees will be billed through the OES Business Office at the beginning of each term (September and February).

Because certain times are in heavy demand, it is important that registrations are completed early so that schedules can be arranged more easily. The times immediately following dismissal are very limited and desirable. Please understand that it is not possible to accommodate everyone during this time. Generally, younger students are given the earlier time slots. Upper School students may arrange for lessons during study halls or free periods in addition to after school.

Private lessons are given after school in the music rooms in Scott House or the Chapel basement. Students must be picked up promptly at the end of their lessons, unless participating in the Extended Care program. Parents are urged to arrange with the teacher to be present at the end of lessons in order to understand assignments and to lend an encouraging ear. If students are not picked up promptly, the student will be taken to the Extended Care program, and parents will be billed for the time spent there.

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