Please note: All Legos classes are now full for the 2016-17 school year. If a student wishes NOT to continue with the spring class, please notify the Extension office as soon as possible. 

Under the Lego® Program you are paying for one less class per term to allow for unexpected class cancellations.


No prerequisites! 
LEGO® Builders is a class for LEGO® enthusiasts of all experience levels, from beginning to advanced. The class is a two-year rotating curriculum, and student building is tailored to individual skill levels. This class fosters the skills of teamwork, individual responsibility, and technical building necessary for success in LEGO® Physics. Taking this class two years in a row will not result in repeat curriculum. Students will work with a vast variety of Technic kits, participate in individual and group creative projects, and prepare models for display. Builder students participate in all on-campus and off-campus displays, joining the culminating annual Zoo Show. Parental involvement is necessary during display months of January, April, and May. There will always be something new and different for everybody. 

Instructor Doug Whitmore was appointed in 1988 to teach First Grade in the Lower School at OES. He earned his BA from Principia College and his MAT from Lewis & Clark. This is his sixth year teaching Builders.

2nd-4th Grade 
Spring: April 4 - June 13
Tuesday, 3:00-4:30
Location: LS Science Lab
Min/Max 6/12
Cost: $175


This is the first year of the three core years of LEGO® Physics.

Girls and boys—whether you enjoy designing your own toys, taking apart machines, or are simply a LEGO® maniac, this is the class for you! We will learn about simple mechanics while building scales, windmills, water wheels, and carnival rides. Creative design and modifications are encouraged while using LEGO® Technic Kit 1030. In the spring we will incorporate motors and pneumatics into our creations. We will make Ping Pong ball shooters and group suspension bridges, and we will problem-solve toward specific goals. This class will participate in both the on-campus and off-campus displays in May. Parental involvement is necessary during display months of January, April, and May.

Prerequisites: None, but this class is a prerequisite for Advanced LEGO®/Robotics and LEGO® Logo.

4th-6th Grade (priority given to 5th graders) 
Spring: April 6 - June 15
Thursday, 3:00-4:30 
Location: LS Science Lab 
Min/Max 6/15
Cost: $175


This is the second year of the three core technical years of LEGO® Physics. Attention LEGO® Physicists! Come explore the LEGO® Technic Kit 8094-Robotics. Build cranes, planes, turtles, writing machines and robots to be controlled by a mini “computer” panel with up to three motors. Successful completion of a specified engineering challenge in the spring is required to be eligible to enroll in the third-year core course, LEGO® Logo. This is your chance to exploit last year’s knowledge and push the limits. This class will be the major creator of the on-campus February Display and will participate in both the on-campus and off-campus displays in May. Parental involvement is necessary during display months of January, April, and May.

Prerequisite: LEGO® Physics  
4th-6th Grade
Spring April 6 - June 15
Thursday, 4:30-5:45  
Location: LS Science Lab
Min/Max 6/14  
Cost: $175


Jane Kenney-Norberg and Doug Whitmore will again offer this fun class for students to try out various components of the LEGO® curriculum. A Little Bit of Everything is a sampler of each of the full-year LEGO® classes that are offered at OES. About one-third of class weeks will be spent on each of the more interesting and educational activities from the full-year classes. Students will have building challenges, work with gear ratios, motorize some of their constructions, and have a taste of computer-controlled Legos. We will also use the new LEGO® Science and Technology Kit 9632. This class is excellent for those who may be interested in the three-year technical curriculum. 

3rd-5th Grade (priority given to 4th graders) 
Spring: April 7 - June 16
Friday, 3:00-4:30 
No class on display days 
Location: LS Science Lab
Min/Max 6/12
Cost: $175


After two years of LEGO® Physics, what’s next? Legos interfaced with a computer! Build LEGO® models with sensors for touch, light, temperature and more! Interface your 4.5-volt and 9-volt motors with the computer, and use LEGO® commands to operate your creations. Work with the Mind Storms RCX brick will be included. On-campus and off-campus displays in May will require a group project linking the Mac, the RCX, and the Apple systems. Are you ready for the challenge? Parental involvement is necessary during display months of January, April, and May.

Prerequisites: LEGO® Physics, Advanced LEGO®/Robotics and successful completion of “Mouse Challenge.” 

5th–7th Grade 
Spring: April 5 - June 14
Wednesday, 4:30-5:45  
Location: LS Science Lab
Min/max enrollment: 4/10 students 
Cost: $175


Design your own course of study by preparing and submitting a proposal and then following it through. Select such topics as time lapse building or i-movies, designing a kit to send to LEGO®, designing models for lower-level classes, or exploring new LEGO® systems, as a few examples. Students will keep a lab notebook and meet periodically with Jane Kenney-Norberg to evaluate their progress. Students will work independently but may have a partner. 

Prerequisites: LEGO® Physics, Advanced LEGO®/Robotics, and successful completion of “Rat Challenge,” LEGO® Logo.

Students must have Jane Kenney-Norberg’s permission to register. Priority is given to last year’s LEGO® Logo students 

6th–8th Grade
Specific time and day TBA, starting in October. Computers are only available on Tuesday.
Tuesdays or Thursdays 3:00-5:30
Location: LS Science Lab
Min/max enrollment: 3 students
Cost: $175 per semester

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